Independent Consulting Resume for Steven R Stadler, P.E.

InCircuits Incorporated Provides Highly Innovative electronics product design services required to meet challenging product requirements.

Electronic systems design and development experience and the utilization of professional CAD tools and laboratory equipment giving InCircuits, Incorporated Engineering the capability of providing high quality and highly reliable product designs that are timely and cost effective solutions began in 1984.

InCircuits, Incorporated Capabilities

  • System Design
  • Sensor Design
  • Analog Signal Conditioning
  • Analog Signal Processing
  • Analog Circuit Design
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Digital Circuit Design
  • Power Supply Design
  • Berkeley Xspice Circuit Simulation
  • Schematic Design
  • PCB Design
  • Firmware Design
  • FPGA Design using VHDL
  • Mechanical Design
  • Proof of Concept and Breadboard Assembly

InCircuits, Incorporated Product Development Process helps to provide a clear understanding for all parties involved of how the product will meet the defined requirements early in the product design cycle.

  • Product Requirements Definition – Clearly define what the product must achieve and how the design will begin.
  • Proof of Concept System – A first pass hardware and software design unit used to show that the product requirements have been properly defined and can be achieved.
  • Breadboard System – A fully designed system used for field testing in order to determine that the product functions as required.
  • Production Prototype – A system produced by the production manufacturer used to determine that the technical data package is complete and correct.

Skills and Expertise

  • Digital Signal Processor, Micro-Controller, and FPGA Circuit Designs including NEC, ST Micro, Motorola, Atmel, Texas Instruments, PIC, Xilinx, and Altera
  • VHDL Design / Xilinx Vivado
  • Firmware Design in Assembly, C and C++
  • Low Power, Low Noise, High Precision Analog Sensor Instrumentation Circuitry
  • Instrumentation of sensors for Earth Field, ELF, VLF, VHF, UHF, Broadband - Induced Current, E-Field, H-Field
  • Transducer Interface Circuitry - Optical Encoder, NMEA (GPS), Pressure Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Gas Gauging
  • Battery Management System Design for battery powered portable devices
  • Low Noise Power Supply Regulation
  • Laser Power Over Optical Fiber System Design - Light Powered Sensors
  • Low Noise Printed Circuit Board Design
  • High Current Power Supply Regulation, Buck/Boost, Modulated Constant Current
  • High Current Motor Control Circuitry, DC Brushless, Stepper
  • Low Power Fiber Optic Processor to Processor Serial Communication Circuitry
  • Micropower RF transceiver wireless data link
  • Mathematical Linearization Techniques for High Precision Calibration of Sensors
  • Coordination and Specification of build and test for embedded system hardware


President, InCircuits, Inc.

Management of subcontracting corporation with responsibility for marketing, accounting, operations, legal and contracts negotiations.

Electrical Engineering Independent Consulting Professional Services, InCircuits, Inc.

Electrical Engineering Independent Consulting Professional Services in the areas of electronics design and firmware design for new product development, including system design, analog hardware design, digital hardware design, mechanical design, quality and reliability.

Design and Development Accomplishments

  • Laser powered electromagnetic field sensing unit utilizing Laser Power Over Optical Fiber technology and implementing an interlock system that meets the IEC and CE safety requirements, that utilizes a USB serial port for system power, computer control and data collection.
  • Low noise, low power, high dynamic range balanced input instrumentation circuit and user display for a handheld portable electromagnetic field sensing unit.
  • Providing technical expertise for products that were developed during employment with Holaday Industries, Inc.
  • Underwater video system utilizing an electronic compass, pressure, and temperature measurement system, with video overlay to display the sensor data.
  • NMEA compatible GPS data and quadrature encoder data system with video overlay to display the sensor data.
  • High speed over voltage protection circuit with immediate recovery.
  • Underwater video system including a 200 Watt Buck / Boost switching power supply and a motor control system for positioning the camera, and temperature and pressure measurement, with video overlay to display underwater sensor data and other system data.
  • Time signal acquisition utilizing the GPS time signal over a fiber optic isolated interface to a laser powered micro-power GPS receiver chip.
  • Mains communication equipment and systems modem hardware
  • Analysis of design and testing of implantable medical device utilizing off the shelf components
  • Development board for AMI Semiconductor Industrial Control chips
  • Micro-power wireless data link for a commercial application of remote monitoring of a battery powered sensor

Direct Positions

TSI Inc.

  • Current Position
  • Design and development of several particle measurment instrument proof of concept prototypes.
  • Design and development of agriculture moisture measurement instruments.
  • Design and development of agriculture vehicle / implement control system hardware.

Holaday Industries, Inc.

  • Design and development of several electromagnetic field sensing system products.
  • Analog circuits utilizing balanced input, or single ended input topology.
  • The latest generation of products developed included digital control of the analog circuitry which accommodated very large dynamic ranges and implemented an automated closed loop calibration processes.
  • Mathematical linearization procedures were developed and used on data taken throughout the entire dynamic operation range of the circuitry, which resulted in products that are extremely accurate and have become industry standard products worldwide.
  • Most of these products utilized a unique low power fiber optic processor to processor serial communication interface that was designed to accommodate high speed micro controller UART baud rates.

Alliant Techsystems / Honeywell - Precision Weapons and Defense Systems Group

Participated in several large scale product development programs which involved the design and development of analog, digital, FPGA, microprocessor and power supply circuitry, and embedded microprocessor engineering hardware test software including:

  • Analog interface electronics for electromechanical flight control hardware.
  • DSP processor for a radar data acquisition, flight control and warhead delivery system.
  • Magnetic sensor system for detecting and collecting data on low frequency variations in the magnetic field of the Earth used for the development of a countermeasure system against magnetically fused land mines.
  • Microprocessor unit for a ground vehicle inertial navigation system that utilized a spinning mass gyro
  • Field testing of several components of a ground vehicle inertial navigation system that utilized a ring laser gyro

CAD Tools currently used

  • Altium Designer - Schematic / PCB / Berkeley Xspice / Embedded Intelligence FPGA Design
  • LTSpice Power Supply and Analog Circuit Simulation tool
  • Several assembler, compiler and In Circuit Emulator tools including IAR Embedded Workbench
  • Nuhertz FilterFree Filter synthesis tool
  • Mathematica for math programming
  • Xilinx Vivado for FPGA development



  • Broadband Electromagnetic Field Component Measurement System - Patent No. 6,564,158

Professional Affiliations

  • Senior Member
  • Minnesota licensed Professional Engineer