InCircuits, Incorporated Quality Assurance Program

  • Ensure high quality services and deliverables

    InCircuits, Incorporated Product Development Process helps to provide a clear understanding for all parties involved of how the product will meet the defined requirements early in the product design cycle.

    Product Requirements Definition - Clearly define what the product must achieve and how the design will begin as well as defining the method which the product will be tested to determine whether or not the product meets the defined requirements.

    Proof of Concept System - A first pass hardware and software design unit used to show that the product system requirements have been properly defined and can be achieved.

    Breadboard System - A fully designed system used for field testing in order to determine that the product functions as required.

    Production Prototype - A system produced by the production manufacturer used to determine that the technical data package is complete and correct.

  • Management Review

    InCircuits, Incorporated will ensure that contract deliverables undergo informal reviews for completeness and formal reviews for correctness prior to delivery. InCircuits, Incorporated will review the work product documentation and review results as a final check, approve the deliverable, and submit it to the customer.

  • Corrective and Preventive Measures

    If InCircuits, Incorporated discovers a deficiency, we will take appropriate and proper action, and effectively communicate for all non-conformance. InCircuits, Incorporated should anticipate project problem areas and be prepared to implement realistic solutions.

  • Training

    InCircuits, Incorporated will assess the QA training needs of its program and make determinations as to the specific courses or training program needed to ensure quality products and services are delivered to our customers.

  • Assure multiple task orders can be handled

    InCircuits, Incorporated utilizes QuickBooks Premier Professional Services Edition which allows for both contact and project information to be required fields on the billing item form. This allows for multiple projects to be managed, tracked, and billed separately.

  • Procedures for Meeting Urgent Requirements

    For urgent, high priority efforts, InCircuits, Incorporated's Contracts Administrator will coordinate with the Government's Contracting officer to effect whatever contractual changes are required to meet the urgent needs of the client's requirements.

  • InCircuits, Incorporated Section 508 Notice

  • On 8/7/98 the President signed into law the Rehabilitation Act Amendments of 1998. They significantly expanded and strengthened the technology access requirements in Section 508. On 4/18/01 the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) was revised to implement Section 508 as required by law. The FAR now requires all Electronic and Information Technology (EIT) developed, procured, maintained or used by the federal government be accessible to people with disabilities. The regulation impacts acquisitions of EIT effective 6/25/01.

    The Multiple Award Schedules (MAS) Program awards indefinite quantity contracts for use by all federal agencies, and under the revised FAR, must provide accessibility information to federal agencies. This information must indicate which supplies and services the contractors indicate as compliant with the accessibility standards and show where full details of compliance can be found, such as a contractor's website. When issuing orders against Schedule contracts agencies must ensure the supplies and services meet applicable accessibility standards unless an exemption applies.

    The definition of EIT and the accessibility standards were developed by the Access Board. These standards, requirement exceptions, the FAR rule and a wealth of other information regarding the Federal IT Accessibility Initiative can be found at The accessibility standards also can be found at 36 CFR Part 1194.

    When purchasing EIT agencies must conduct market research to determine what level of Section 508 compliance exists in the commercial EIT marketplace.

    InCircuits, Incorporated will provide agencies with all information available regarding compliance with accessibility standards, partial compliance or what accessibility features are offered on products and services provided by InCircuits, Incorporated. InCircuits, Incorporated is in the process of identifying each product or service with Section 508 information available. This Section 508 information will be contained in this section of this website. InCircuits, Incorporated is reliant on many suppliers/manufacturers of products, including Section 508 information, and will refer inquiries to the appropriate supplier/manufacturer for the most current Section 508 information.

    InCircuits, Incorporated Section 508 point of contact is:
    Steve Stadler, (651) 765-4225